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How To Use A Flat Iron

flat-ironStars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez have made straight hair stylish. However, these lovely women weren’t born with totally straight, glossy hair. Top stylists use the Sedu flat iron to make the look that Jennifer Aniston has. However, you don’t have to be a top stylist to reach this appearance; using the Sedu flat iron enables anyone to have perfectly straight, shiny hair – every time.

Ceramic flat irons and Sedu tourmaline are top rated by consumers and stylists. You do not have to use a Sedu flat iron to get the Jeniffer Lopez look, but whatever flat iron you use, it should be one you feel confident in using and of good quality. The best tourmaline flat irons ought to be ergonomically designed for ease of use, have fast heat-up times, provide a variety of heat settings, and have a swivel cord with safety cut-off.

How to use a flat iron to get that celebrity look.

1. Always read the manufacturer’s directions before you use the flat iron.

2. Practice using the flat iron when it’s still not hot; get a sense of how it handles.

3. When you wash your hair, use an excellent conditioner. Heat drying hair – whether by blow drying or straightening – damages hair and dries out.

4. Dry your hair nicely using a towel and placing it flat and in a keep. Doing so will help to keep it manageable and soft.

5. Blow dry your hair making sure it’s thoroughly dry.

6. Use an anti-frizz spray, lotion, or smoothing serum – commonly a silicon established product. If it is a gel, place a drop or two into the palm of your hand and disperse equally throughout your hair.

7. Set to the proper temperature. Read the Maker ‘s recommendations for temperature setting for different hair types; you may have to experiment with different settings.

8. Begin by pinning up the top layers out of the way, to exhibit the hair beneath and lifting your head up about half way up rounds.

9. Pull on a thin strip of your hair through the plates. If you have them, use sectioning clips. Divide your hair into sections no broader to the heating plates of the iron, and straighten slices no thicker than half the width of your heating plates. You certainly will get the desired straightness rapidly and can utilize the heat evenly by dealing with small sections and slices.

10. Use even pressure while stroking your flat iron from the root to the end without stopping on any portion of the sectioned hair.

11. Straightening the back hairs might not be easy. So you can see the rear of your head, you can position two mirrors on the diagonal. After that, get the clipped sections of hair out one by one and straighten them, starting at the base of your head (the nape/neck region) and working your way to the crown of your head, exactly like a stylist would do.

How to avoid damaging your hair.

1. Using a great conditioner is vital. Heat applied to hair damages it; a conditioner will help shield it.

2. Use a protective serum when using your flat iron. Do not use too much. It’ll give your hair a glossy luster and makes the flat iron glide via your hair when used correctly.

3. Always keep the flat iron flowing. Never hold the flat iron still on a single part of your hair, or you will end up burning it.

4. Don’t use your flat iron every day. Applied heat damages hair. The style should hold for days in the event you use your flat iron accurately.

You will have the capacity to get the celebrity look without needing to pay salon prices by using your Sedu flat iron correctly.

The Vent Hair Brush

vent hair brushWhat Exactly is a Vent Hair Brush?

A vent brush is a hairbrush that contains ports or openings between the bristles to allow for optimum airflow during heat styling or general brushing. The amount, as well as size of the openings on a port brush, varies depending on the brand; they may be either level or circular shaped.

What Is A Vent Brush Used For?

Such a brush is utilized to make your hair more bouncy more voluminous and easier to flow. As the ports enable the heat from a blow dryer to stream through the hair, your hair becomes manageable. This increased airflow through the hair ensures a faster drying time, too.

Who Is The Vent Hair Brush For?

You require a vent brush if you’ve got hair that is flat. You also require a port brush if you’re craving more volume at your roots. Or if you’re after more movement through the end of your hair you undoubtedly need a vent brush. It’s as simple as that.

A vent brush is an ideal alternative for anyone with short to shoulder length hair who needs a quick rough blow dry.

How Do You Use A Vent Brush?

Apply any styling product, and then lightly dry your hair off using a hair dryer until it’s around 80 percent dry. Afterward, lift sections of hair using the vent brush and concentrate the airflow upwards to support movement and volume. To create waves, envelop sections of your hair around the brush and blast with all the hair-dryer. Use hairspray once finished, to help hold the design.

This brush was made to so that your hair would dry quicker when partnered with a blow dryer. But because of its layout, the user has little control on a polished finish as well as the outcome might be bleary. To be able to refine the finish of your hair, the following step would be to utilize a round brush or a flat iron.

The Heated Straightening Hair Brush (Hot Air Brush)

heated straightening hair brushThe heated straightening hair brush normally has a double barrel to help while blowing your hair at the same time straighten. Most of the goods which are categorized as hot air brushes make use of a tourmaline ceramic, which uses negative ions to make your hair look healthier. Also, it has infrared heat that can reduce hair static.

Hot air brushes work well on thinner and damaged hair that needs straightening as it adds protection and shine.

How they work

Heated straightening hair brushes implement a mechanical air blowing actions and use a lower heat setting. They are used on damp hair and may take more time to get used to than flat irons.

Hot air brushes come in three distinct fashions:

  • A flat detangling electric brush
  • Barrel electric brush rounds
  • A double plated rectangle brush

The flat detangling brush is great for untangling hair that is wild and adding radiance. As it also adds volume, the rotating brush works well on hair that is thin. The twice plated rectangle brush works well as it will not heat up itself on slightly curly hair that is just a little damaged.


  • In the event you have thin or damaged hair then a hot air brush will be beneficial for your hair as it adds negative ions and removes static electricity.
  • There are no hot spots in the brush, and lots of safety measures to make sure no burning or high temperatures.
  • Hot air brushes are a healthier choice for your hair. Hair is more manageable when using hot air brushes.


  • Not great on very curly hair.
  • More high-priced than flat irons.
  • Takes longer to fashion and straighten hair using a hot air brush.

Ceramic Hair Brushes

ceramic hair brushMany hair brushes available now feature ceramic technology. Ceramic hair brushes are higher priced than normal hairbrushes, but are they worth the extra cost?

The Technology

A ceramic hair brush usually includes ceramic plating over metal. Ceramic, which is a tough, inorganic material produced from clay, glides through hair readily, emits negative ions, and heats up quickly and evenly.

A ceramic hair brush usually comes in a round form. The barrel has air vents so that hot air can pass through and heat up the brush while you’re blow-drying. A ceramic hair brush can get very hot, so it’s for making wavy blowouts useful, also.

When shopping, look for a ceramic hair brush with ceramic plating, not only ceramic coating, so you’ll reap the optimal advantages of ceramic technology. They cost more, although you’ll also find ceramic hair brushes made of pure ceramic.

Benefits Of Ceramic Hair Brushes

• Perfect temperature. Heat is important for making it easier to style and softening hair. Ceramic plates depend on an outside source (e.g. hot air from a blow dryer) to raise the temperature. Nonetheless, ceramic brushes heat up fast and so accelerate hair drying procedure. Ceramic hair brushes help prevent hair damage by shortening the amount of time your blow dryer exposes your hair to heat. You don’t end up with burned spots. The beauty about ceramic plates is that they heat up evenly.

• Continuous temperature. A hairbrush that is ceramic transfers heat to the hair during styling, but also, it has a capacity of recovering heat immediately to preserve optimum temperature. This way, you can design your hair always and quicker. You don’t have to go through the same section over and over again.

• Negative ions. They remove frizzes, repair and seal damaged hair cuticle, and locks in hair’s oils that are natural for a smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.

• Smooth styling. Ceramic hair brushes glide through hair readily, so there’s no pulling and snagging.

Tourmaline is still better than ceramic as it creates more negative ions, recovers heat quicker, and disperse heat more evenly than ceramic.

Therefore, when tourmaline is added, hair dries faster. The outcomes are additionally better. You should know, however, that ceramic is not bad for your hair, but in case you would like the greatest results, then consider investing in a hairbrush that uses both tourmaline and ceramic technology.

How To Use A Round Hair Brush

round hair brushWhat’s the point of a round hair brush? It’s mainly used for styling and could be truly powerful. With a round brush, you can straighten your hair while shaping the design at the ends and keeping its flexibility. Nonetheless, it’s also helpful to understand that you can attain an entirely straight look – it all comes down to technique.

There are several criteria to keep in mind when buying your brush. Firstly, you should think about what size of brush you’ll need. “The width of the brush you choose should depend on the length of your hair. The smaller diameters are for short hair; the medium-sized are for those with long hair who want the biggest diameters, as well as a shaped design, are for straightening long hair.” But, the smaller round brushes can be used to add volume to the roots or for curling hair.

Then, you can turn your focus to the way the brush bristles. Such a brush also causes less damage to your hair than a metal brush for example.” Regarding the spacing of the bristles, there’s no general rule. If you’re using the brush “Select a densely bristled brush for combing that is ordinary but more spaced out bristles

To maximize the impact of your round brush and get the best fashion possible, begin by pre-drying your hair to about 75%. You are going to end up spending plenty of time on styling “If your hair is too wet and it won’t always hold. Furthermore, you ought to avoid holding the hairdryer too near your hair to prevent it overheating and, when using a hairdryer, consistently mimic the movement of your brush.

Our point: That way, you’ve got a hair dryer and round brush in one, and also you won’t have to use both at the same time. You would need to pre-dry your hair though since a hot air brush isn’t as hot as a conventional hair dryer.

Don’t begin using the round hair brush until your hair is 80 to 90 percent dry, brushing. It’s a waste of effort plus time. Use quality tools. For the smoothest, least-damaging blow dry set the nozzle on your dryer and use a nonmetal round brush. Finally, don’t forget to section. Work in little sections, and separate out a small bunch on top to get volume in the roots.

The Paddle Hair Brush

paddle-brushThis is the best brush for creating curl and volume. A paddle brush is similar to a Denman in that it’s many teeth are close together to provide tension for smoothing and drying the hair. The difference is that the foundation in the paddle brush is significantly broader than the one in the Denman brush. Also, the teeth in the Denman brush are more flexible. The broad foundation gives more exposure to the dryer for longer spans as well as the flexible teeth help gently work through the hair.

The paddle brush is an excellent option for anybody with long hair. For smoothing out my own hair, I love it. Paddle brushes (sometimes called flat brushes) are supposed to make a straight appearance that works on both long hair and straight-styled bobs. They’re usually made of nylon bristles and are used to dry larger regions to a flat, smooth finish.

To attain an appearance that is smooth, hold the hairbrush in your comfy hand with the bristles up, and point the hair dryer down using a downwards pattern to smooth the hair cuticle. It should be employed just to dry from roots to ends from the sides to the top, and then the nape to the crown.

These broad, level brushes won’t tame frizz or create a structure in the manner that a round brush will, partly because the bristles are plastic and don’t offer the same grasp. However, should you have thick, long hair and need to dry it directly, a paddle brush is an excellent method to dry it and take out a lot of the moisture before you style with a round brush.