The Heated Straightening Hair Brush (Hot Air Brush)

heated straightening hair brushThe heated straightening hair brush normally has a double barrel to help while blowing your hair at the same time straighten. Most of the goods which are categorized as hot air brushes make use of a tourmaline ceramic, which uses negative ions to make your hair look healthier. Also, it has infrared heat that can reduce hair static.

Hot air brushes work well on thinner and damaged hair that needs straightening as it adds protection and shine.

How they work

Heated straightening hair brushes implement a mechanical air blowing actions and use a lower heat setting. They are used on damp hair and may take more time to get used to than flat irons.

Hot air brushes come in three distinct fashions:

  • A flat detangling electric brush
  • Barrel electric brush rounds
  • A double plated rectangle brush

The flat detangling brush is great for untangling hair that is wild and adding radiance. As it also adds volume, the rotating brush works well on hair that is thin. The twice plated rectangle brush works well as it will not heat up itself on slightly curly hair that is just a little damaged.


  • In the event you have thin or damaged hair then a hot air brush will be beneficial for your hair as it adds negative ions and removes static electricity.
  • There are no hot spots in the brush, and lots of safety measures to make sure no burning or high temperatures.
  • Hot air brushes are a healthier choice for your hair. Hair is more manageable when using hot air brushes.


  • Not great on very curly hair.
  • More high-priced than flat irons.
  • Takes longer to fashion and straighten hair using a hot air brush.