The Paddle Hair Brush

paddle-brushThis is the best brush for creating curl and volume. A paddle brush is similar to a Denman in that it’s many teeth are close together to provide tension for smoothing and drying the hair. The difference is that the foundation in the paddle brush is significantly broader than the one in the Denman brush. Also, the teeth in the Denman brush are more flexible. The broad foundation gives more exposure to the dryer for longer spans as well as the flexible teeth help gently work through the hair.

The paddle brush is an excellent option for anybody with long hair. For smoothing out my own hair, I love it. Paddle brushes (sometimes called flat brushes) are supposed to make a straight appearance that works on both long hair and straight-styled bobs. They’re usually made of nylon bristles and are used to dry larger regions to a flat, smooth finish.

To attain an appearance that is smooth, hold the hairbrush in your comfy hand with the bristles up, and point the hair dryer down using a downwards pattern to smooth the hair cuticle. It should be employed just to dry from roots to ends from the sides to the top, and then the nape to the crown.

These broad, level brushes won’t tame frizz or create a structure in the manner that a round brush will, partly because the bristles are plastic and don’t offer the same grasp. However, should you have thick, long hair and need to dry it directly, a paddle brush is an excellent method to dry it and take out a lot of the moisture before you style with a round brush.