The Vent Hair Brush

vent hair brushWhat Exactly is a Vent Hair Brush?

A vent brush is a hairbrush that contains ports or openings between the bristles to allow for optimum airflow during heat styling or general brushing. The amount, as well as size of the openings on a port brush, varies depending on the brand; they may be either level or circular shaped.

What Is A Vent Brush Used For?

Such a brush is utilized to make your hair more bouncy more voluminous and easier to flow. As the ports enable the heat from a blow dryer to stream through the hair, your hair becomes manageable. This increased airflow through the hair ensures a faster drying time, too.

Who Is The Vent Hair Brush For?

You require a vent brush if you’ve got hair that is flat. You also require a port brush if you’re craving more volume at your roots. Or if you’re after more movement through the end of your hair you undoubtedly need a vent brush. It’s as simple as that.

A vent brush is an ideal alternative for anyone with short to shoulder length hair who needs a quick rough blow dry.

How Do You Use A Vent Brush?

Apply any styling product, and then lightly dry your hair off using a hair dryer until it’s around 80 percent dry. Afterward, lift sections of hair using the vent brush and concentrate the airflow upwards to support movement and volume. To create waves, envelop sections of your hair around the brush and blast with all the hair-dryer. Use hairspray once finished, to help hold the design.

This brush was made to so that your hair would dry quicker when partnered with a blow dryer. But because of its layout, the user has little control on a polished finish as well as the outcome might be bleary. To be able to refine the finish of your hair, the following step would be to utilize a round brush or a flat iron.